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Wolfboy by Andy Harkness (Paperback 2021)

Join Wolfboy in a hilarious, high-energy adventure that shows how feeling hungry can turn us all into little monsters.

Wolfboy is hungry!

He’s drooly and growly and fussy!

As he stomps through the forest looking for rabbits, he grows hungrier and growlier by the minute. What will happen if Wolfboy can’t find those rabbits?

And what will happen if he does?

With bold illustrations and energetic storytelling, Wolfboy perfectly captures the big feelings that come with being very hungry!

Engaging, original and perfect for reading aloud, this funny and fresh picture book is a must-have for anyone who’s ever been impatient for their food.

Perfect for fans of Chris Haughton and Jon Klassen.

SKU 9781526622501 Category
 EAN: 9781526622501
EAN: 9781526622501


Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

18 Feb 2021



Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


Paperback / softback


Picture books, Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)

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