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Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead by Barbara Comyns

At the beginning of June the river floods, ducks swim through the drawing-room windows and Ebin Willowd rows his daughters round the submerged garden.

The grandmother dresses in magenta for her seventy-first birthday whist drive and looks forward to the first prize of pate de fois gras. Later Ives the gardener leads a morose procession up river, dragging her to a funeral in a black-draped punt.

The miller goes mad and drowns himself and a cottage is set alight. Villagers keep dying and at the house on a river, plates are thrown across the luncheon table and a tortoise through a window. The newspaper asks ‘Who will be smitten by the fatal madness next?’

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EAN: 9781911547846

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Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

28 Jan 2021



Daunt Books


Paperback / softback


Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

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