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Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich? : The Dangerous History of Meat Additives

‘Highly persuasive … a well-organised and solid dossier that alerts us to legalised chemical trickery.’Joanna Blythman, The Spectator

‘A bombshell book’ Daily Mail

‘Eye-opening and important . . . a book full of righteous anger’ Bee Wilson, from her Foreword

Did you know that bacon, ham, hot dogs and salami are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as ‘category 1 carcinogens’?

Would you eat them if you knew they caused bowel cancer?

Following ten years of detailed investigation, documentary film-maker Guillaume Coudray presents a powerful examination of the use of nitro-additives in meat. As he reveals, most mass-produced processed meats, and now even many ‘artisanal’ products, contain chemicals that react with meat to form cancer-causing compounds.

He tells the full story of how, since the 1970s, the meat-processing industry has denied the health risks because these additives make curing cheaper and quicker, extending shelf life and giving meat a pleasing pink colour. These additives are, in fact, unnecessary. Parma ham has not contained them for nearly 30 years – and indeed all traditional cured meats were once produced without nitrate and nitrite.

Progressive producers are now increasingly following that example. Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich? – featuring a foreword by acclaimed food writer Bee Wilson – is the authoritative, gripping and scandalous story of big business flying in the face of scientific health warnings. It allows you to evaluate the risks, and carries a message of hope that things can change.

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EAN: 9781785786112


Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

18 Feb 2021



Icon Books Ltd


Paperback / softback


General & world history, Food & society, Food manufacturing & related industries

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