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There's a Superhero in Your Book (Paperback 2021)

Whoosh! There’s a Superhero in your book!

In this brilliantly interactive picture book, help your new Superhero friend take on the terrible Scribbler. Use the power of your imagination to unlock Superhero’s super powers. You’d better act quickly before the Scribbler ruins your book completely!

A super fun book with a satisfying twist that celebrates the power of kindness and the true meaning of being a hero.

Full of familiar friends, this is a feast for the imagination from the creators of There’s a Monster in Your Book and There’s a Dragon in Your Book.

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 EAN: 9780241357798
EAN: 9780241357798


Additional information

Additional information


Paperback / softback


Children's Picture Books P/B




Penguin Random House Children's UK

Publication Date

18 Feb 2021


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