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The Rome Plague Diaries : Lockdown Life in the Eternal City

On the first morning of Rome’s Covid-19 lockdown Matthew Kneale felt an urge to connect with friends and acquaintances and began writing an email, describing where he was, what was happening and what it felt like, and sent it to everyone he could think of.

He was soon composing daily reports as he tried to comprehend a period of time, when everyone’s lives suddenly changed and Italy struggled against an epidemic, that was so strange, so troubling and so fascinating that he found it impossible to think about anything else.

Having lived in Rome for eighteen years, Matthew has grown to know the capital and its citizens well and this collection of brilliant diary pieces connects what he has learned about the city with this extraordinary, anxious moment, revealing the Romans through the intense prism of the coronavirus crisis.

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EAN: 9781838953010

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Additional information

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4 Feb 2021



Atlantic Books




Diaries, letters & journals, European history, Travel writing

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