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The Reluctant Heiress by Dilly Court (Paperback 2021)

The brand-new unforgettable romance saga from the No.1 bestselling author!

Taking deep breaths of the cold city air, Katherine whispered, ‘This isn’t the London I know.’

East-End London, 1858. In London’s twisting streets, it’s hard to tell friend from foe. And for Katherine Martin, arriving back in London after years away, the city is far crueller than she remembers.

Her eyes opened to the plight of London’s poor, Kate is determined to do what she can to help – even if it means defying her parents. In secret, she opens a soup kitchen. But there is a world of criminals within London’s poorest alleys.

Catching the notice of Harry Trader and his gang, Kate is out of her depth. Until she begins to discover that her true enemies might not be who she thought…

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 EAN: 9780008287917
EAN: 9780008287917


Additional information

Additional information


HarperCollins Publishers



Paperback / softback

Publication Date

4 Feb 2021

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