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The Really Compact Travel Book Light. Five New Pocket Sized Reading Lights.

Read wherever you are, for as long as you wish… without disturbing anyone else!

A handy little clip-on reading light, small and lightweight enough to slip inside your bag or pocket. Carry on reading anywhere, even when the sun goes down. Perfectly practical for travel of any description…whether on an exotic adventure, relaxing holiday or simply on the commute home. And it takes a standard AAA battery – easy to find and change wherever you are!

The key features

– Pocket sized and lightweight
– 3 brightness settings
– Flexible neck
– Clips to any book
– 1 AAA battery

Carry on reading when the lights go out!


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 EAN: 5035393397029
EAN: 5035393397029

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Additional information

Additional information


Mint, Grey, Pink, Purple, Turquoise

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