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THE REALLY BRIGHT BOOK LIGHT - Three New Dimmable Reading Lights.

With a wider beam, ideal for lighting bigger books, music or maps.

A very useful clip-on reading light, featuring an extra wide light beam – ideal for lighting bigger areas including larger format books, plans and maps. Often used by music performers!

Combined with a flexible, positionable neck and longer battery life, this is a very practical multipurpose booklight!

The Really Serious Booklight Range is a co-ordinated collection of reading lights designed to suit the needs of all kinds of booklight users… whether night-time readers, anywhere readers, music performers, hobbyists or DIYers.

A great gift or a practical self purchase for anyone who enjoys reading long after the lights go out.

The Key Features

– Wide light beam
– Dimmable Light
– Flexible neck
– Clips to any book
– 3 AAA batteries for prolonged use

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 EAN: 5035393399016
EAN: 5035393399016

£16.99 £15.75


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.126 g
Dimensions 18.1 × 13.1 × 3.1 mm

Blue, White, Grey

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