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The Extraordinary Book That Eats Itself (Paperback 2021)

Read it, do it, save it!

Every page turns into an eco project that helps you save the planet and recycles the book.

A lot of small everyday actions can make a big difference. With over 30 eco projects, this is the perfect gift for inspiring the next generation of Greta Thunbergs and David Attenboroughs.

Every morsel is reusable or recyclable, even the cover!

Plastic-free gift bags, bug hotel ‘rooms’, apple seed planters and eco-friendly glue are just some of the brilliant, family friendly activities in the book. This inspiring, inventive and creative approach to environmental issues will keep children busy for AGES!

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 EAN: 9780755502080
EAN: 9780755502080

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Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

4 Feb 2021



Egmont Publishing


Paperback / softback

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