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The Eighth Girl by Maxine Mei-Fung Chung

One woman, many personas. But which one is telling the truth?

Alexa Wu is a brilliant yet darkly self-aware young woman whose chaotic life is manipulated and controlled by a series of alternate personalities. Only three people know about their existence: her therapist Daniel; her stepmother Anna; and her enigmatic best friend Ella.

When Ella gets a job at a high-end gentleman’s club, she is gradually drawn into London’s cruel underbelly. With lives at stake, Alexa follows her friend on a daring rescue mission. Threatened and vulnerable, she will discover whether her multiple personalities are her greatest asset, or her biggest obstacle.

SKU 9781782276944 Category
 EAN: 9781782276944
EAN: 9781782276944

£14.99 £11.45

Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

4 Mar 2021



Pushkin Press




Thriller / suspense, Psychology

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