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The Dreamer: An Autobiography by Cliff Richard (Hardcover 2020)

‘Before Cliff Richard and the Shadows, there was nothing worth listening to in British music.John Lennon.

Cliff Richard tells his story, in his own words, in his highly anticipated new autobiography. Achieving a hit in every decade since the 1950s, Cliff Richard stands alone in pop history.

Coming of age in 1950s London, he began his music career at Soho’s legendary 2i’s Cafe, and now he’s approaching his 80th birthday with record sales of over 250m and counting. Cliff Richard was a pioneer, forging the way for British rock ‘n’ roll with his unique sound. The original British teen idol, his incredible story takes us into the studio of TV’s first pop show Oh Boy!, through 40 years of Top of the Pops, and playing live up and down the country and across the world, with a constant backdrop of screaming fans.

Cliff looks back on his humble upbringing, and how he went on to fulfil his wildest dreams by becoming a pop star and even a film star. He talks about finding Christianity, reflects on the ups and downs of life in the public eye, and reveals how the false allegations against him changed his life forever. He’s seen era-defining pop stars come and go, and he’s still making new music, with a new project to be released this year.

As a teenage Elvis-fan in Cheshunt, this may have seem a distant dream. Here’s his story of how he made it all happen.

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