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Smashed by Andy Robb (Paperback 2021)

When his dad moves out, Jamie tries to fill his shoes. He needs to become head of the household – right?

With his mum dealing with the aftermath of toxic masculinity at its finest, and his little sister Bex struggling to understand what’s going on, Jamie has to navigate the choppy waters of what he thinks it means to be a man. Having learned that the best way to deal with feelings is to push them down as far as they’ll go, he finds help from an unlikely source.

Drinking makes him feel invincible – Super Jim can take on anything – and anyone… But how long will it be before this particular well of wisdom runs dry? And what will it take for Jamie to realise that help was at hand all along?

From the author of the Geekhood series, the first of which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Award, comes Smashed by Andy Robb. Funny, touching, with a narrator readers’ will instantly love, Smashed is a rollercoaster exploration of young masculinity.

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 EAN: 9781912979400
EAN: 9781912979400

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Additional information

Additional information



Paperback / softback


Interest age: from c 14 years, Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage), Personal & social issues (Children's / Teenage)


UCLan Publishing

Publication Date

4 Feb 2021

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