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Roald Dahl's Creative Writing with Matilda: How to Write Spellbinding Speech (Paperback 2019)

Create wonderful dialogue to give your characters a voice with the World’s NUMBER ONE Storyteller!

Perfect for home learning, go on a creative adventure with Matilda and learn how to write MARVELLOUS conversations and MAGNIFICENT reported speech.

These super fun activities will help you to:

* Improve language and vocabulary skills
* Develop the tools you need to write your own stories
* Learn how to write brilliantly authentic dialogue

Experiment with silence and reveal what a character is thinking Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing will spark your creativity, build your confidence and inspire you through the wonderful worlds of Roald Dahl’s best loved stories!

Filled with top tips and ideas boxes, each book introduces techniques and methods to help you plan and write a phizz-whizzing story of your own!

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 EAN: 9780241384589
EAN: 9780241384589


Additional information

Additional information



Paperback / softback


Interest age: from c 7 years, Interactive & activity books & packs, Literature, books & writers (Children’s/Teenage)


Penguin Random House Children's UK

Publication Date

24 Jan 2019

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