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Poppy and Sam and the Lamb by Sam Taplin

Little children will love the irresistible fluffy lamb puppet in this delightful novelty book.

The little lamb is lost, and Poppy and Sam follow it around Apple Tree Farm as it tries to find its way back to Woolly the Sheep.

There are lots of fun details to talk about in the busy illustrations, and of course there’s a little yellow duck to spot on every page.

SKU 9781474981354 Category
 EAN: 9781474981354
EAN: 9781474981354

£7.99 £6.95

Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

4 Mar 2021



Usborne Publishing Ltd


Board Book


For National Curriculum Early Years, For children c 0-2 years, Picture books, Novelty, toy & die-cut books, Farm animals (Children's / Teenage)

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