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Pip and Posy: The Friendly Snail

The much-acclaimed toddler book series from The Gruffalo illustrator, Axel Scheffler. Simple but engaging stories which reflect the ups – and downs – of toddler life.

Pip and Posy are best friends – they love to play, and make things, and have fun.

But just occasionally they get cross or sad, and sometimes things go wrong that are beyond their control. And that’s when kindness and understanding – and a cuddle – make everything better. In The Friendly Snail, Pip and Posy are spending a lovely afternoon outside, but while Pip wants to do some quiet gardening, Posy wants to have fun playing noisy games.

When Posy’s racket frightens Pip’s new snail friend back into its shell, Pip gets cross . . .

Oh dear!

But then a big, greedy bird tries to take Pip’s snail, and it turns out Posy’s loud voice can be quite useful, after all!

A heart-warming, relatable story about valuing each other’s differences.

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 EAN: 9781788008303
EAN: 9781788008303

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Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

4 Mar 2021



Nosy Crow Ltd




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