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Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Combined Science Foundation Revision and Exam Practice

Please note this book is suitable for any student studying:

Exam board: AQA
Level: GCSE (9-1)
Subject: Combined Science (Foundation)
First teaching: September 2016First exams: June 2018

Oxford Revise is a fresh, evidence-based approach to studying; created by the teacher-trusted Oxford Science author team and informed by the latest research into the best ways to make learning stick, it organises content in the most effective way for successful learning, ideal for independent study throughout the school year and in the lead-up to exams.

Based on principles of cognitive science, the simple, three-step Knowledge, Retrieval, and Practice approach helps students to master the essential knowledge and skills for GCSE success through a combination of knowledge, retrieval, interleaving, and extensive exam-style practice. It’s everything students need to study effectively and prepare fully for exams, in one convenient book.

Answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured throughout the book are available to download from

The NEW Oxford Revise app helps students master the knowledge and skills essential for GCSE success that can be used for all year-round revision. Sign-up and try for free at

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EAN: 9781382004862

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Additional information

Additional information

Publication Date

23 Jan 2020



Oxford University Press


Mixed media product


For National Curriculum Key Stage 4 & GCSE, Educational: Sciences, general science

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