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Heroes : Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures by Stephen Fry (Paperback 2019)


In this companion to his bestselling Mythos, Stephen Fry gloriously retells the epic stories of the Greek heroes – which will be loved by young and old alike.

‘This is a spirited retelling of stories that Fry clearly knows and loves’ The Times

Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods, quite as stylishly and triumphantly as Greek heroes. In this companion to his bestselling Mythos, Stephen Fry brilliantly retells these dramatic, funny, tragic and timeless tales.

Join Jason aboard the Argo as he quests for the Golden Fleece. See Atalanta – who was raised by bears – outrun any man before being tricked with golden apples. Witness wily Oedipus solve the riddle of the Sphinx and discover how Bellerophon captures the winged horse Pegasus to help him slay the monster Chimera.

Filled with white-knuckle chases and battles, impossible puzzles and riddles, acts of base cowardice and real bravery, not to mention murders and selfless sacrifices, Heroes is the story of what we mortals are truly capable of – at our worst and our very best. ‘Assured and engaging. The pace is lively, the jokes are genuinely funny, and Fry once again proves himself a master of great learning worn lightly’ Guardian ‘Here, indeed, be monsters, myriad adventures and machinating gods.

Fry is a personable and passionate narrator’ Mail on Sunday
‘Just as delightful and difficult to put down as the first. Heroes makes the stories relatable without skimping on the gory details, or sacrificing the truths of the myth. It’s rich, it’s funny and you’ll feel like you’ve learned a lot’ Herald

If you like the sound of Heroes, you’ll love Mythos – Fry’s first foray into the enthralling world of Greek mythology.

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 EAN: 9781405940368
EAN: 9781405940368

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Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology, History, Myths and Legends told as Fiction


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