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DR. SEUSS CHILDREN'S READING TIMER - Encourage your Children to Read Regularly!

The more that you read, the more things you will know……

All school children are expected to read every day. But in this digital world, motivating them to open a book is a bit of a task. This little book shaped Reading Timer will sit on the table or clip onto any book and time how long you read. It’s designed to make reading as much fun as possible. What a clever idea!

And as Dr. Seuss is used regularly in schools as a way to encourage kids to read, we’ve teamed up with the famous Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat to make it even more fun! It’s a non techy, simple-to-use gadget that works offline (hurray) and even contains the batteries… an ideal gift for parents and grandparents to give with confidence

– Clips onto any book
– Or stands on the table
– Simple to use
– Battery included

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 EAN: 5035393418014
EAN: 5035393418014

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