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Amari and the Night Brothers (Hardcover 2021)

“Sharp, funny and brightly imaginative – a big adventure filled with magic and heart” – Jessica Townsend, New York Times bestselling author of the Nevermoor series

“Amari is magical” – Angie Thomas

Perfect for readers aged 8+ and fans of Percy Jackson, Nevermoor and Men in Black!

Amari Peters knows three things. Her big brother Quinton has gone missing.

No one will talk about it. His mysterious job holds the secret … So when Amari gets an invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she’s certain this is her chance to find Quinton.

But first she has to get her head around the new world of the Bureau, where mermaids, aliens and magicians are real, and her roommate is a weredragon. Amari must compete against kids who’ve known about the supernatural world their whole lives, and when each trainee is awarded a special supernatural talent, Amari is given an illegal talent – one that the Bureau views as dangerous.

With an evil magician threatening the whole supernatural world, and her own classmates thinking she is the enemy, Amari has never felt more alone.

But if she doesn’t pass the three tryouts, she may never find out what happened to Quinton

 EAN: 9781405298179
EAN: 9781405298179

£12.99 £10.45

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 498 g
Dimensions 225 × 146 × 38 mm



Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage), Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)




Egmont UK Ltd

Publication Date



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