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A Mother's Grace by Rosie Goodwin (Paperback 2018) Days of the Week Book 3.

A Mother’s Grace by Rosie Goodwin

Tuesday’s child is full of grace . . .

Warwickshire, 1910.

Pious young Grace Kettle escapes the world of her unsavoury and bullying father to train to be a nun. But when she meets the dashing and devout Father Luke her world is turned upside down.

Her faith is tested and she is driven to make a scandalous and life-changing choice – one she may well spend the rest of her days seeking forgiveness for . . .

Will delight fans of Dilly Court, Katie Flynn and Catherine Cookson.

Have you read Mothering Sunday and The Little Angel, the first two novels in Rosie’s Days of the Week collection?

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Fiction Saga / Historical

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