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Bookaroo ‘Pocket’ Notebook – Twelve A6 Size Original Colour Varieties

Keep your notes, plans and loose bits of paper in this dinky pocket sized A6 notebook There are pocket notebooks...
up to 11% off!

Bookaroo Notebook – Various Colours

Scribble, list, note or sketch your important ideas in this useful & colourful A5 notebook. All the best people carry...
£8.99 £7.99

Bookaroo Tool Belt – Four Colours for Notebooks and Journals. NEW Autumn 2019

The smart, space-efficient way to carry your stationery tools This smart leather-look PU book strap cunningly hides a selection of...
up to 10% off!

Bookaroo Travel Tech-Tidy. Roll-up Wallet for Cables, Chargers & Techy Things.

Carry your important everyday tech in one roll-up wallet. Modern digital life means wrestling with an assortment of wires, cables...
£19.99 £17.99
up to 11% off!

Bookaroo Glasses Case for Notebooks. For Books & Journals. Brand New for 2019

Keeps your reading glasses safely attached to your book cover! Reading glasses HAVE to be one of the most misplaced...
£8.99 £7.99
up to 4% off!

Bookaroo Pen Pouch for Books. For Notebooks & Journals.

Does anyone have a pen? Bookaroo - a very handy little pouch for the front of your book or notebook...
£7.99 £7.65
up to 14% off!

Bookaroo Phone Pocket For Credit Cards & Money & Important Things! Sticks On, Peels Off. *Brand New for 2019*

Keep your cards, cash, tickets or important things handily attached to your phone Like it or not, none of us...
£6.99 £5.99
up to 10% off!

Bookaroo Notebook Tidy. For Pens, Phones, Bits and Bobs.

Slips onto your book and keeps all the things you use, handily attached to it! A super stylish and ingenious...
£9.99 £8.99
up to 14% off!

Bookaroo Magnetic Glasses Hanger for Books. New

Very useful things often come in small packages! Reading glasses HAVE to be amongst the most misplaced items the world...
£6.99 £5.99

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