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Welcome to Ashby de la Books

Founded in 2016 by Kate Barsby, Ashby de la Books has come a long way from its beginnings in a small bedroom in Leicestershire.

So lets start with me, Kate.  

To begin with I started an eBay shop selling my secondhand fiction books. Crime and thrillers mostly my favourite genre. I couldn’t believe the reaction a few secondhand books made, so I had a light-bulb moment.

I quit my day job and gave market trading a go. I loved it, the vibe and camaraderie had me smiling from ear to ear, daily.
Regular visitors and new customers would visit and tell me about new authors they had discovered, books that they liked or didn’t like! 

But most of all my favourite task was to help people of all ages pick out great books to read and seeing the look of delight on people’s faces when they found something new. Seeing them walk out with beaming faces (that was just the adults!!) and when it was quiet I read too!

I thought I was quite well read, but since I started the business I’ve been introduced to so many different genres and now I realise how much more enjoyable reading can be when you broaden your mind to new things.

100% eBay Reputation

Since then Ashby de la Books has successfully traded on eBay building a reputation for selling quality products, providing a friendly and dependable service, with fast dispatch and careful packaging. So all orders always reach the customer in the same great condition as when it left us. All orders are dispatched using recyclable packaging (except a bit of sticky tape).

So far it has been my passion for reading and all things bookish that has kept me going in my search for the perfect independent bookshop. I believe that consumers should be guaranteed the same dependable and caring service through online purchasing as they would expect from a shop on the High Street.

Striving to bring the personality and quirkiness of a bricks and mortar bookshop to the internet.

Our services


Great Books at Great Prices. A wide range of Adult Fiction and other popular books. Children's books for all ages.

Reading Accessories

A wide range of quirky, fun and functional reading accessories. Including bookmarks, reading lights, book holders and the extremely popular Bookaroo range.

Fast Dispatch

We promise next working day dispatch with free 2-3 day delivery on all orders over. Faster services can be chosen during checkout.

Careful Packaging

Great care is taken when packaging any order. Using appropriate book wraps with extra padding and space filling paper for all other items. All packaging is fully recyclable

So why not take a look at our online shop, you might love it just as much as our other valued and satisfied customers! In the meantime we’ll work even harder to bring you the best books for the fairest possible price. To make it even easier to get great books at great prices. 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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